Today Eid Ul Fitr 2017 Moon Sighting News In India, Canada, USA, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan - Is Eid On 26 or 27?

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Today Eid Ul Fitr 2017 Moon Sighting News, Time In India, Canada, USA(America), Saudi Arabia, Pakistan - Is Eid On 26 or 27?  - Eid Festival is just around. And Eid May be will be on 26 or 27th. Eid is based on the moon sighting. If there will be Moon sighted on 25th, then Eid will be on 26 or if there will be no moon sighting on 25th then Eid definitely will be on 27th.

We will update our sites and this post to give you the perfect knowledge that when will be Eid 2017. Be with us and wish you all a very happy eid in advance.

Eid festival celebrated by the billion of people around the world and on Eid, there is an public holiday mostly in all countries.

Expected Moon Sighting In Saudi Arabia will be on  - 25th

Expected Moon Sighting In Canada  - 25th June

Expected Moon Sighting In USA, AMERICA  - 25th June

Expected Moon Sighting In Pakistan - 26th June

Expected Moon Sighting In India  - 26th June

Expected Moon Sighting In Afghanistan  - 26th June

Expected Moon Sighting In Bangladesh  - 26th June

Expected Moon Sighting In Sri lanka  - 26th June

Today 26th, 27 Moon Sighting News In Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, India

At one Side Muslims are crying that Ramadan is going and at one site are also happy for Eid al fitr. Ramadan is the holy month where every Muslims do fast for an month and pray Namaz and also do extra prayer as like tarawih.

And after the month of ramadan, Muslims celebrate Eid al fitr and Invite friends and relatives to celebrate Eid.

In Asian Countries, May be Eid will be on 27th June

And In UAE, May be Eid will be on 26th June

Eid Ul Fitr 2017 Moon Sighting Time In India

You can see the Eid moon At Magrib Time. And don't forget to Make Dua While Seeing the Eid 2017 Moon.

Note -  

1 - Still we don't have any accurate knowledge about when will be Eid In UAE, Asia and in other region of this world

2- Keep Visited our sites again and again because we will update our this sites after knowing when will be Eid.

3 - Get the correct knowledge of when Will be Eid 2017.

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19 Oct karwa Chauth Moon Rise Time Today

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19 Oct karwa Chauth Moon Rise Time Today : Karwa chauth night has come when women see moon in sky to break the fast when they had for the long lives of their husband. Sky is clear in all the cities of Inida so we don't need to wait for delay in the timings of breaking fast. Karwa chauth is celebrated in all over the India this is the reason everyone is searching for the exact time moon when it will appear in the sky. This festival becomes very special for the newly married women who have their first fast of Karwa chauth they dont want to make any mistake from their side and become nervous. Womens can engage themselves by remembering the good memories of after marriage, puja procedure takes long time and if you feel alone and your husband went to office then you can disturb him by asking to come on time so that you both can enjoy the rising of moon and open fast together by making some personal promises.
Karwa chauth is a beautiful day for couples, to make this day special we are sharing the moon rising timing for Karva chauth festival for all over the India so that you can have a hassle free fast breaking and don't go out of time.

Karwa Chauth Moon Rising Time In Pune, India

19 oct karwa chauth moon rising time in pune, India

In pune city due to clouds moon rising time can delay upto 15 mins, visit site for updated timings for all over India. To make this karva chauth which is on 19 Oct 2016 more beautiful we have also shared the ideas to surprise your husbands with the small heart touching activities for more detail about that visit home page.

19 October Fast Breaking Timetable

 Moon Rising Time of Delhi/ New Delhi 08:47 PM
 Moon Rising Time of Mumbai/Navi Mumbai/ Bombay 09:21 PM
 Moon Rising Time of Chennai 08:58 PM
 Moon Rising Time of Banglore/Bangluru 21:09 PM
 Moon Rising Time of Pune 21:17 PM
 Moon Rising Time of Chennai/ South India 08:58 PM
 Moon Rising Time of Pune/ Maharashtra 09:05 PM
 Moon Rising Time of Kolkata/West Bengal 08:11 PM

These timing can update because of bad weather so keep in touch with this site and refresh page to see the latest moon rising time of karva chauth.

Karva Chauth 2016 Moon Rise Time In Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Sydney

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Karva Chauth 2016 Moon Rise Time In Canada, USA, UK, Australia, Sydney : Get the timetable of moon sighting time of Karva Chauth in abroad countries, Indian tradition is everywhere doesn't matter in which country you are living but you will have faith when you will fast for your husband then he will be blessed by the long and and achievements in his life for this you fast and wait for the moon rising time. Below timetable will provide you the information about the rising time of moon on Karva chauth 2016. Karva chauth is the biggest and unforgettable day for the ladies and girls who have desire for best husband. This day fasting goes for the very long time and if whether condition becomes wrong then ladies need to wait a lot, but the more you will wait the more hungry you will be then your husband will be blessed with a long age and he will get the great success in his life because of you. In the below timetable you will know the timing of moon rising on karva chauth in USA, UK, Australia, Sydney citywise. If you are living in some other country then you can leave a comment and we will update the timing of moon rising of karva chauth for that country :-) .

Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time In Canada

karva chauth moon rise time in usa, uk, australia, sydney, canada

Canadian people can watch the timetable below to know the expected time to open the fast by watching the moon and your moon like husband on 19 October 2016. 
Avg Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time : 07:50
Toronto (ON) : 07:58 PM 
Alberta : 07:55 PM
New-Brunswick : 07:59 PM
Nova-Scotia : 07:48 PM

We know the time when we ca open the fast in Canada. If you want to know the timetable of Karva Chauth Moon Rising Time In India then click on the link. Karva chauth is a worldwide festival so we want to serve the information of chand for all the major countries where ladies of India celebrates Karva Chauth with full of faith.

Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time In USA (United States of America)

Coming to America country where we Indians live in modern may but when it comes to karva chauth we start our culture and start preparing for the fasting of karva chauth for this know the timetable of moon rising time in America. 
Washington-DC : 07:51 PM
San-Francisco : 07:56 PM
Los Angeles : 07:55 PM
Caracas : 08:01 PM
Avg Moon Rising Time : 07:55 PM

Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time In UK

London : 07:15 PM
Manchester : 07:20 PM
Leeds : 07:17
Norwich : 07:35 PM
City Of London : 07:40
Avg Moon Rising Time : 07:30 PM

Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time In Australia

Sydney : 08:48 PM
Melboume : 08:35 PM
Perth : 07:59
Darwin : 08:17 PM
Hobart : 08:03 PM
Avg Moon Rising Time : 07:50 PM

These are the moon timings of karva chauth for the year 2016, these timings will help you to tell your husband to be present before the time and husbands can plan the surprise for their wives before the moon rise in the sky with full of blessings. 

Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time In Delhi, Maharashtra - Mumbai

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Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time In Delhi, Maharashtra - Mumbai - Welcome to all the People who fast to their loved ones for his long life. Now a day Both Men and Women do fast for each other long life and not even a married people, Younger couples are also doing fast for their love and In this post we will tell you about the exact time when the moon will rise on karva chauth 2016 which is on 18th October.
This Post Will tell you about the Karva chauth moon Rise Time of the City Delhi and every poart of Maharashtra as like Mumbai and Pune City.

Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time In Delhi  

Delhi is the Capital Of India and Many couple People Live In India and all the married wife do fast for his husband. Delhi is one of the city where so many people do fast and Celebrate Karva Chauth Festival with so much enthusiasm and In epic. Karva chauth festival start before Rising of Sun and End On after the Rising of Moon. Between the period of Before rising sun and after the moon Rising Wife do fast for her Husband.

18th October 2016 Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time In Delhi

In Delhi Karva chauth moon will rise on 08:52 Pm and if there will be an delay then please visit our site. we will tell you the exact time that how much moon time is delay to rise in Delhi
But By our technology we can say that Karva chauth moon will Rise in Delhi around 08:52 Pm.

Karva chauth 2016 Moon Rise Time In Maharashtra - Mumbai

                Maharashtra Cities
          Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time
09:10 Pm
08:52 Pm
09:00 PM
08:52 Pm
09:10 Pm
09:00 PM
Navi Mumbai
09:00 PM
08:52 PM
09:10 PM
09:00 PM 
08:52 PM 
09:00 PM
08:50 PM
08:52 PM
09:10 PM
09:10 PM
09:00 PM
09:00 PM
09:10 Pm
08:52 PM
09:00 PM
09:10 PM

Note -

  1. Above Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time May Vary 
  2. Above Time Is applicable only for the particular city
  3. Over seas country may compare the above time in their city
  4. A fasting parson cannot eat anything before rising the Moon

Hope that you get the Information about the Karva chauth Moon Rise Time and If you have any question about the delay time on karva chauth then you can ask in the below comment box

Karva Chauth 2016 Moon Rise Time

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This sites is only to provide you the accurate karva chauth moon rise time at your city. We are providing karva chauth 2016 time of every city of India and also the other country also as like USA, UK and Australia.

Karva chauth is the most awaited festival to every couple.Its not important that we must be married. Now  a day Every couple who loves each other wait for the most auspicious festival Karva Chauth. In Ancient time according to the Hindu sculpture, Woman who was married do an fast for her husband long life. And its also been said that the wife fast for her husband protect husband from every trouble and problem.

Today Karva Chauth 2016 Moon Rise Time 

Our Today means to provide the karva chauth 2016 time.In 2016 Karva chauth will be celebrated on 19th august and mostly all the couple are eagerly waiting for this festival of light. On karva chauth, Romance and love is is the air and if you love some one and you want to say it then this karva chauth is the best time to show your love. Just say to her or him that you love her a lot and do a fast your love and we hope that every thing good and happen with you.

If you are searching for karva chauth Moon Rise time then Just check below your city and get ready to break your fast with your love.

19th October Karva Chauth Moon Rising Time

State or City
Karva Chauth Moon Rise Time
8:52 Pm
8:50 Pm
8:52 Pm
8:51 Pm
8:50 Pm
Tamil Nadu
8:45 Pm
8:52 Pm
8:52 Pm
Uttar Pradesh
8:52 Pm
8:52 Pm
8:50 Pm
8:52 Pm
Madhya pradesh
8:45 Pm
8:45 Pm
8:45 Pm
8:50 Pm
Andhra Pradesh
8:50 Pm
8:45 Pm
8:45 Pm
West Bengal
8:45 Pm
8:50 Pm
8:50 Pm
8:50 Pm
8:49 Pm
8:50 Pm
8:49 Pm
8:50 Pm
Arunachal Pradesh
8:49 Pm
8:50 Pm
8:49 Pm
8:50 Pm
Himachal Pradesh
8:49 Pm
Jammu & Kashmir
8:50 Pm
8:49 Pm
8:50 Pm
8:49 Pm
8:47 Pm
8:47 Pm
8:47 Pm

Hope that you get the Accurate karva chauth Time for your own city. And In Finally wish you all a Happy Karva Chauth. Please Comment Below and Tell about Your Karva Chauth Festival.

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